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Håkan Sandell


16 February at 7pm at the Cork Arts Theatre.
Reading with Lyor Shternberg.
Admission: €6 (€5 concs.) Tickets available at the door.

Hakan Sandell


Håkan Sandell was born in Malmö in southern Sweden in 1962, and is today living in Oslo. He published his first long-poem at age 19, and has since published about 20 collections and selections of his poetry. Translated collections exist in German and Hungarian, and an English translation is scheduled to be published soon in the USA. Sandell resided for a year in Ireland in the mid 90s and has written about Ireland. He has also enjoyed longer stays in London and Berlin and lived for many years in Copenhagen. Among his main themes are love and religion, set in contemporary urban environments. His poetry is often more epic than lyrical or perhaps narrative-lyrical. He makes use of classical forms as well as folk verse patterns and modernism.


“Håkan Sandell’s standing in middle age is similar
to other lyrical modernists before him, Milosz,
Auden, Brodsky and Walcott come to mind.”
– Svenska Dagbladet


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